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Word of warning before we begin: This article contains pointed personal opinions, plenty of performative exaggeration, and other kinds of creative writing that sometimes takes on rather colourful shapes. This is because this is not meant to be a serious data-based (read: spreadsheet-driven) dissertation on differences between operating systems, and instead focuses on my own anecdotal experience in a way that’s meant to be fun(ny) to read. Therefore, you should probably take what you read here seriously, but not literally. …

An accurate representation of me reviewing what happened to DiscordList.net

For those that have been following my content for a while, you may know that I previously published two articles that shot a torch on DiscordList.net and its abysmal technical state, as well as how it mistreated its users. I wrote those articles as a matter of public interest to shed light on what I believed to be an organisation with a particularly vile disregard for its users.

If you have not read my previous articles, I highly suggest you check them out from the links below before reading on.

DiscordList.net, A Lesson in Web Design From Hell
DiscordList.net, …

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UPDATE 1: Several representatives of DiscordList.net, including the owner, reached out to me today to inform that further amends are being made to the site. I will update this post if it becomes relevant.

UPDATE 2: DiscordList.net has suffered a major data breach. I have posted an article on the matter here.

Readers familiar with my content may know that I published an article titled “DiscordList.net, A Lesson in Web Design From Hell” a few days ago. That article gained considerable attention both on Medium and Discord, which I consider a win since I wanted to raise awareness of the…

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UPDATE 1: Since the posting of this, there have been things happening in the background. I have published a followup post on the matter here.

A few friends of mine on Discord recently told me that DiscordList.net was DDOS attacked. “Well, that’s a pisser”, I thought. DDOS attacks are despicable but common in this day and age, succeeding in bringing down even the most robust web services. The owner of DiscordList.net, Silicon Valley, was quoted saying the following.

Services resumed. Sorry for the outage. Reason: Major DDOS attack.

Naturally, I got curious over how this happened. So, I went on…

JavaScript is a very diverse programming language.

This is a line often used by people who write and know JS well when they describe it. Those who don’t either know and/or like it often say that JavaScript is very loosely typed, so loosely in fact that you can throw anything at it and it still compiles.

I could spend hours deconstructing that statement and what’s wrong with it, but that’s a topic for another debate. No, today we have an entirely different topic to cover.

While I sometimes, in fact regularly, find myself cursing at the quirks of the language…

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